Bucharest Contest
 Mode:CW, SSB, Digital
 Bands:80, 40m
 Classes:Single Op (CW/SSB/Dig/Mixed)(QRP/Low)(2-Band/Single Band)
Multi-Op Low Power (CW/SSB/Dig/Mixed)(2-Band/Single Band)
 Max power:LP: 100 watts
QRP: 5 watts
 Exchange:YO: RS(T) + QSO No. + Sector/County
non-YO: RS(T) + QSO No. + Country Code
 Work stations:Once per mode
 QSO Points:2 points per QSO: YO3-YO3 or YO-YO or YO-Foreign
4 points per QSO: YO3-YO or YO-YO3 or YO3-Foreign
 Multipliers:Each YO county
Each YO3 sector
Each country code
 Score Calculation:Total score = total score of each segment(total QSO points x total mults)
 E-mail logs to:fenyo3jw[at]yahoo[dot]com
 Mail logs to:(none)
 Find rules at:http://yo3test201x.blogspot.ro/p/blog-page.html

 Future Dates
 (no dates known at this time)
 Historical Dates
 1800Z-2059Z, Mar 21, 2016
 1800Z-2059Z, Mar 16, 2015
 1800Z-2059Z, Mar 17, 2014
 1800Z-2059Z, Mar 18, 2013
 1800Z-2059Z, Mar 19, 2012
 1600Z-1729Z, Mar 21 and 1730Z-1859Z, Mar 21, 2011
 1600Z-1729Z, Mar 15 and 1730Z-1859Z, Mar 15, 2010
 1600Z-1729Z, Mar 16 and 1730Z-1859Z, Mar 16, 2009
 1500Z-1559Z, Mar 17 and 1600Z-1659Z, Mar 17, 2008
 1500Z-1559Z, Mar 19 and 1600Z-1659Z, Mar 19, 2007