CQC Great Colorado Snowshoe Run
 Bands:20m Only
 Classes:W: single element wire antenna
V: vertical antenna
B: multi-element arrays/beams
P: portable
 Max power:5 watts
 Exchange:RST + (state/province/country) + Antenna Class + (CQC Memmber No./power)
 Work stations:Same station up to 3 times, at least 30 minutes between QSOs
 QSO Points:1st QSO with station: 3 points
2nd QSO with same station: 2 points
3rd QSO with same station: 1 point
Bonus: 100 points for first QSO with W0CQC
 Multipliers:Each state, province, country, CQC member once
 Score Calculation:Total score = total QSO points x (state mults + province mults + country mults) x CQC members
 E-mail logs to:vkumagai[at]q[dot]com
 Mail logs to:(none)
 Find rules at:http://www.coloradoqrpclub.org/contests/snow.htm

 Future Dates
 2100Z-2259Z, Dec 11, 2016  Logs due: Jan 10
 Historical Dates
 2100Z-2259Z, Dec 6, 2015
 2100Z-2259Z, Dec 7, 2014
 2100Z-2259Z, Dec 8, 2013
 2100Z-2259Z, Dec 9, 2012
 2100Z-2259Z, Dec 11, 2011
 2100Z-2259Z, Dec 12, 2010
 2100Z-2259Z, Dec 13, 2009
 0200Z-0359Z, Dec 11, 2005